Packet Pickup – Packet pickup will take place at the Falls of Rough Resort located at 57 Jennie Green Rd, Falls of Rough, KY 40119 on Friday, December 4, 2020.  We will be in the clubhouse at the golf course. Pickup will begin at 3 pm and will be available until 9 pm. Masks and Social Distancing is highly encouraged. We use dynamic bib assignment, meaning, we will assign you a bib when you pick up your packet. If you have a bib number preference, please contact us and we assign that bib number ahead of time. This will be on a first-come basis. FYI, bib number 1 is already assigned.  If you cannot make packet pick up on December 4th, we will begin packet pickup at 6 am on December 5th and all day for runners choosing the Saturday night or Sunday Morning half marathon and full marathon options. If you are late, you can still start the race but your time begins at 7 am if you are there or not.

When you pick up your packet, we will take a photo with your bib. If you have family or crew, you can have them join you in the photo. You will also be required to either be present for the safety brief at approximately 6 pm on December 4th or read and sign the safety briefing at 6 am on the 5th. We will have you sign our roster after the briefing. We will also conduct a safety gear check. Required items are working lights (headlamp, handheld, etc.). Hydration plan (handheld bottle or backpack).

Parking – Parking will be at the golf course clubhouse. Signs will be posted. Runners may also park on pit road. This road is used to get you to the trailhead and returning to the start/finish line. This is a great spot to park if you are crewing yourself for the event.

Camping – if you plan to bring an RV, camper, tent, or van. We have a designated area just behind the Mansion. There is no electric or other RV connections. We will have porta-johns in this area for your convenience. The golf club office has bathrooms and will be open for your convenience.

Food Options - The golf club house has a small café, they will be offering hamburgers, hotdogs, grilled cheese, ham and cheese, etc. as well as some breakfast foods. Menu and price will be posted at the café. Other options are to drive into the city of Leitchfield, where you will find many restaurants. Leitchfield is about a 20 minute drive from the resort. Lastly, the State Park resort offers a limited menu during normal hours. You will need to check with them on hours and food options. The State Park is approximately 10 minutes from the resort.

Pre-race Meal and Guest Speaker - This event will look different this year. We are still working out the details, but a pre-race carryout meal will be available with a suggested donation to our charity. A virtual pre-race briefing will also be held online the week of the race.

Drop Bags – If you are running the 50 mile or 100 mile, you are authorized a standard size drop bag. You can drop your bag off at packet pick up. We will provide you with a bag tag with your bib number on it. We will have a drop bag area at the start line. We will accept drop bags starting at 6:30 am on the 5th. We will transport your bag to the aid station. Once you are done with your bag (are no longer running) please place your drop bag in the area marked return.

Crew/Self Aid Station – you can setup your own aid at the start/finish line (limited space) or about a half-mile out on the course near the camping area as well as just outside the Mansion. Crew will only have access to you at this location or the major/main aid station out on the course. Driving directions will be provided. Participants cannot receive aid at any other location and will be disqualified if observed. Also, the landowner is being very generous, they ask we clean up after ourselves. This means if you bring it in, you take it out. If our course marshals observer participants littering on the course, we will disqualify you. Trash containers will be available on the course, please use them.

The Course – The 13.1 mile loop will be very challenging. The terrain consists of paved, closed road, rocky trail, extremely muddy areas, standing water holes.  You will start next to the cabins and run across the bridge, continue down the paved road, in front of the Mansion, once past the Mansion, you will turn right and continue just past the old ATV park office. Just past the ATV park parking lot, you will turn left. Here is where the fun begins, you leave the pavement and begin up the hill to the highest point in the area. Here, you will get a feel for the rest of the loop. While the elevation is tolerable, the terrain is challenging. You will encounter, rock, mud, standing water, and leaves.

After making the first climb, you will descend down the trail to the first aid station. This is a minimally staffed aid station with hydration and bathrooms only. After passing the aid station, you will proceed around the marked trail where you will come to the checkpoint and major aid station. We will have water, electrolyte drinks, hot food, etc. We will also have a warming tent. From here, you will continue around the loop and then find yourself back to aid station 1. From here, we give you a reprieve by making the course loop finish on a paved, closed road. Once at the start/finish line, you cross the timing mats and head back out again for the Marathon, 50, 100 mile.

Aid Stations – We will have 5 aid stations. First, located at the start/finish line (crew access). The second is located about 1.5 miles into the course. This aid station is minimally stocked and staffed. So please clean up after yourself (no crew access). The third aid station is around mile 4 and will have water and bathroom facilities available. The fourth aid station is the main aid station. This will be where you can find your drop bag as well as warm food and friendly staff. You will also find a warming tent (crew access). The fifth aid station is at about mile 10. This aid station is also aid station 2 (so you will pass by this aid station twice per loop) (no crew access). 

Changing Distance - If you decide you want to change your distance, please notify us at the start line. After you complete the first, or subsequent loops and decide to change distance, please inform us upon completing your current loop. If you drop down to a shorter distance, you will be awarded for the distance you competed. Example, if you are participating in the 100 mile race and complete 75 miles, you will be awarded the 50 mile buckle. If you change your distance, you will not be eligible for overall awards.

Pets – Due to the park being a hunting preserve, we were asked to not allow pets on the course. 

Pacers – We will allow pacers for the 50 mile and 100 mile distances only. Pacers will be allowed after you have completed two loops, so on your third loop, a pacer is allowed. If you use a pacer, you will need to make sure we know and they are checked in. They will be required to wear a pacer bib as well as sign our waiver and participate in the safety briefing. They will be required to have a light and hydration methods.

Awards – Overall male and female from each distance will receive awards.

All finishers will receive either a belt buckle or a medal (depends on distance registered). Also, any finisher completing the 100-mile race under 24 hours, will receive a custom Falls 100 jacket. An extra jackets will be available after we hit the 24 hour mark of the race (7 am, December 6th).

Race Cutoff Times – The race will begin at 7 am on December 5th. This will be a “gun time” start. We are using chips, but everyone will have the same start time regardless when you actually start the race.

Cutoff times are as follows:

Half Marathon – 8 hours. This is a “soft” cutoff. If you are close to finishing, we will allow you to finish and you will receive your finisher medal but will not be eligible for division awards/recognition.
Marathon - 8 hours. This is a “soft” cutoff. If you are close to finishing, we will allow you to finish and you will receive your finisher medal but will not be eligible for division awards/recognition.
50-mile – 24 hours. This is a hard cutoff. We will remove you from the course if you have not finished in the 24-hour time limit. If you have not started your last loop by 18h into the race we will not allow you to continue.
100-mile – 36 hours. This is a hard cutoff. We will remove you from the course if you have not finished in the 36-hour time limit. If you have not started your last loop by 31hours 30minutes into the race we will not allow you to continue.

EMS/Medical – first aid will be available at the start/finish line next to Race Headquarters. For life-threatening needs, please call 911, and notify the staff of your need. The course is marked off in lettered sections to help emergency personnel find you in quick fashion. 


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